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MessageSujet: FF 14 - Info   Mer 5 Aoû - 12:55

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MessageSujet: Re: FF 14 - Info   Mer 5 Aoû - 15:51

c du réchauffé en francais tout ca seiji ^^
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MessageSujet: Re: FF 14 - Info   Mer 5 Aoû - 18:01

les nouvelles races
probablement des scans famitsu
a noter qu'on devrait voir des sequences ingame au prochain salon de jeux, le 23 aout je crois ?

en dessous des photos, un wall of text avec les dernieres infos en anglais.

source : le topic ffxiah "new ff14 scans"

j'aurais pu juste mettre un lien vers le topic au lieu de passer chaque image par imageshack mais je toruvais plus cool que chaque nouvel info soit reposter direct ici pour avoir un topic fr avec toutes les infos sans lien exterieur Smile

Some more info (from [Copy/Pasted from Here ]

Eorzea Region

The region of Eorzea has three big cities, Rimsa-Rominsa at the sea side, Gridania is in the forest and Uldaha in the desert. There's pirates at the seaside town and Square Enix promise a storyline for each city.

The currency of Final Fantasy XIV will be "gil" like in Final Fantasy XI.

The Weather and Time
The weather in Final Fantasy XIV will change
One day in Eorzea is 1 hour of real-life time
There's a Day to night cycle

Armory System

Very flexible and easy to change your lifestyle and jobs on the go.

If you change your weapon, you are basically changing jobs and you can do this anywhere and almost at any time.
Getting invited to a group which has too many of your current class? No problem, switch to a healer or whatever class they lack numbers in. After the adventure is over, switch back to your previous class, gardener for instance.

Weapons and your equipment has their own "levels". You need to coordinate your equipment to reach whatever goal and power you're aiming at.
In Final Fantasy XIV there's a larger focus on the level of your item you're using, instead of your own levels and skills.
You're able to switch from warrior to a healer on your own, when solo playing - soloing becomes a whole lot more fun and easier
Changing your "job" is as simple as switching your weapon, you can relax and not feel a lot of stress
The "holy trinity" type of jobs have been avoided, the jobs of FFXIV are more neutral
Square Soft promises a lot of freedom in Eorzea. Almost unrestricted.
The core system of Final Fantasy XIV will be the so-called "Armory System" (might be renamed later). It's focused on your character's equipment. In order to change a play style, you change your equipment parts. Something which is done in real-time.

An example is the following: let's say you join a group of adventurers and you're fighting enemies, if you wear the corresponding equipment you are ready. When said group has disbanded, you change gear and you'll return to becoming a fisherman or a gardener, etc.

This will allow for a lot more freedom and it'll make FFXIV quite solo friendly. A warrior who wants to be cured of poison can easily change into a healer by himself. So, having plenty of inventory room is far more important than it was in Final Fantasy XI.

In order to increase in specific areas, Square Soft recommend to balance your equipment parts between the inventory slots. The level of your equipment is essential in Final Fantasy XIV, its more important than your character's "level" itself. Square Enix mention the freedom of the system yet again and that it becomes a lot more flexible and fun having such a system in place. The team behind FFXIV has deliberately chosen to avoid the usual job classes, instead chosing much more neutral names.


The fights in FFXIV are in real-life, although they wont be as action-packed as some might be used to from other MMORPGS. There will be more strategic elements in place. Check the trailer for certain speculations.

Items will degrade in durability (resistance?) depending on how much they're being used.

Guild System
Passes of "trust" exists that you get from guilds
There's something called a "Leave", it isn't a quest, it's a card
Mixing your own Leaves with other players Leaves is possible
Visiting the Adventurers Guild you can obtain Guild Leaves
Even when your skill is low you can get Leaves
The approx time of completing a Leave is around 30 to 40 minutes
You're able to set who and how many can do a Leave
Even if only one player carries a Leave, other players can join regardless if they have the Leave or not
Contests of the Leave changes every week
You can carry as many Leave cards as you want
Apperently the Guild Leaves are quite beautiful, designed like tarot cards
FFXIV sports a complex, advanced and interesting guild system. There are so called permits/licenses in the form of illustrated cards that match missions that your character has to complete. You can share these licenses, i.e having the card or not having it and also decide on how many that can be part of a mission.

The level of each player is mostly non-relevent, but some licenses has a certain level requirement. These wont take longer than 40 minutes to complete approx. Oh and you can carry several licenses at the same time.

Some of the goals of the licenses are:

Killing monsters, skilling up, raids and more. These are called "etherites" (spelling) and will let you get instantly teleported to said area.

Summary from the interview (some of this is known since before)

The difference between the races in FFXIV isnt as big as it is in FFXI
There is a difference between females and males. What exactly is not yet known.
Cities in Eorzea are not all connected through one landmass. So its quite different than how its in FFXI.
The character creation allows you to adjust the skin, eye color, hair color, face and much more
Battles are in real-time, but a lot of focus is on strategy and execution, instead of just pure action
The main system is not to target an enemy and just attack it like in most MMOs on the market.. Much more will play into the fight than just that.
Due to how the Armory System will work out, you'll be able to carry around on tons of stuff, mules anyone?
Character growth is based on your weapon. Use a weapon to increase your power and skills.
Square Enix is working on customization so you can arrange your windows exactly the way you want them
Weapons will lose durability/power when used
Master everything or not - well, Square Enix is still debating if you'll be able to do this or not. Perhaps the same approach used in FFXI will be used here (see-saw approach).
The Guild Leaves include everything from leveling up your skills to hunting monsters.
Leave runs are easy to get to instantly by using a "ethelite".
Rimsa-Rominsa the city by the seaside has pirates
You'll begin your adventure / the game from your home city.
Even if you can only play one hour per day, you'll be able to have a lot of fun
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MessageSujet: Re: FF 14 - Info   Mer 5 Aoû - 18:39


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MessageSujet: Re: FF 14 - Info   Mer 5 Aoû - 18:43

j'adore le style classieux des personnages "je tire la gueule mais tu vois pas mes yeux"

chui amoureux de la hume, les tarus sont trop cute aussi afro
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MessageSujet: Re: FF 14 - Info   Mer 5 Aoû - 23:38

Akira a écrit:
Quelles seront les rules pour FFIV prority job ? on pourra revendre les items gagné en LS ?

/em préfère si prendre à l'avence mhouaaaaaaaaa.

ba fait nous une ebauche tien plz, voir ce que sa fait de dire que ton systeme c de la merde
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MessageSujet: Re: FF 14 - Info   Jeu 6 Aoû - 10:44

bla bla interview 5 mai taxé sur jol