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 [Interview FFXI] Résumé des interviews.

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MessageSujet: [Interview FFXI] Résumé des interviews.   Ven 3 Avr - 11:03

Les questions sont en jap, parce que JPButton, le site qui publie et traduit ces interviews, parle couramment japonais et fournit des mini-cours de jap.
Si vous voulez tout comprendre, passez directement sur le site :

Interview sur A Crystalline Prophecy, apparement datant d'il y a déjà un moment vu qu'elle est parue dans un magazine.
Pas passionnant, mais bon.

Citation :
Volume 7 of the ヴァナ・ディール通信 has hit the shelves, and trapped inside its shiny, plastic wrapping is a bonus DVD.

The main content of the DVD actually consists of Salvage tutorials put together with help from Air’s Museum, a site well-known throughout JP and EN communities for providing excellent maps and guides for large-scale content in Final Fantasy XI.

What we’re going to look at, however, is a 13-minute video called “Creator’s View,” in which a few developers sit down and talk about the upcoming add-on scenario, A Crystalline Prophecy.

As the video comes on a DVD released by Enterbrain!, we decided it was best not to subtitle and post it online. Don’t worry, though, the video is mostly just shots of the developer’s talking with some clips from the original opening movie. There is no video of the upcoming scenario itself.

So, let’s pop this sucker open and have a look:

OK… I guess this relates to the Salvage theme? Mithra that need pants and appear to be examining a Cell. There’s no title, which is strange, and there is no booklet or anything contained inside the case. Most publishers don’t even use a case and just slip DVDs inside a thin plastic sleeve so it doesn’t feel like the magazine has a massive tumor growing out the back. Not a big deal, and I’m sure you’d rather be reading the interview now than hearing me complain.

Moving along, we come to the DVD’s title screen:

Right at the top of the menu, we have the interview, which is nice. Below are a number of videos about the different Salvage areas you can go to. Finally, there is a Nyzul section, which has different strategy videos, including a very nice one on lighting lamps in order. I know some people who could benefit from watching that a few times. There’s actually a little comic version in the magazine, and I’ll post that up later.

The video starts with the classic opening movie and the legend:

It all began with a stone, or so the legend says

In ages past, a sentient jewel, enormous and beautiful, banished the darkness.

Its many-colored light filled the world with life and brought forth mighty gods.

Bathed in that light, the world enterd an age of bliss until, after a time, the gods fell into slumber.

That world was called Vana’diel.

Creator’s View -「石の見る夢」を聞く-

Listen to the Creator’s View of A Crystalline Prophecy

(The interview progresses by flashing a title regarding the question’s topic, and then shows the developer sitting against a black background talking. The specific questions they were asked are not known.)


Masato Kato: Vana’diel, or any new world, is born from a Crystal. The world of Vana’diel is perhaps a dream being witnessed by a Crystal. So, that is one image that the title represents. Now, this time, we have a new and different Crystal witnessing its own dream. This, in turn, causes certain events to happen to the world of Vana’diel.

These are the two meanings behind the title of this expansion.

(Just making a note here, but the developer talks about dreams because the title of the Japanese version is 石の見る夢, or Dreams of the Stone. This probably refers back to the “stone” by which “it” all began.)


Hiromichi Tanaka: We’re coming up on seven years already, and we’ve been considering if we could change the usual Expansion-style upgrades to the game while still adding more than a typical Version Update. With Kato-san writing a brand new scenario for us, we felt it was the perfect time to officially try out this new system.


Masato Kato: Deep down, I have always wanted to complete the story of Aldo and Emiline from the opening movie, since they left such an impression on the player. In this scenario, I have crafted an adventure that ties their stories back together and provides a conclusion to the tale of these siblings.

(At this point, the interview switches back to the opening movie of FFXI, showing the attack on Tavnasia. As the battle rages on, a voice-over reiterates the story of the assault on the Marquistate and the incident involving Aldo and Emeline.)

“In the second month of the 863th year of the Crystal Era, the forces of the Beastman Army invaded Tavnasia.”

“The Beastmen Army launched an attack more ferocious than ever seen before. Tavnasian forces tried to resist the onslaught, but were completely overwhelmed.”

“Two young children living within Tavnasia, Aldo and his sister Emeline, could do nothing but frantically flee from the onslaught of the Orcs and their war machines.”

“As they ran through a back alley in their attempt to escape, they were ill prepared for the cruel fate that lay waiting ahead.”

(Here, as in the opening movie, Emeline tells her brother he must climb out the hole in the wall and escape. Aldo looks around and begins to lower himself down. Suddenly, a knife flies out at Emeline, and she ducks for cover. Aldo calls out for his sister to follow him, but she begs him to flee without her. Then her desperate calls cease, and Orcish hands burst forth from the hole, grasping for Aldo. This is where the voice-over continues…)

“After his harrowing escape, Aldo would go on to travel the world as the head of the Tenshodo clan. He never knew what became of his sister after that fateful day.”


Koichi Ogawa: If you do not possess Rise of the Zilart, you will be unable to play this add-on scenario.


Masato Kato: They take place in the same world, so there are pieces here and there that are connected to some extent. However, this scenario is designed as a separate story that you can enjoy on its own, so there are no direct connections to Rise of the Zilart.


Masato Kato: What I wanted to do with this scenario is almost write a compilation that incorporates multiple story-lines throughout Vana’diel. While you will certainly be able to enjoy it as a separate package, I feel you don’t truly get the full experience unless you have completed the Shadow Lord and Rise of the Zilart story arcs.

(Here, the interview breaks again to show some gameplay footage from Mission 5-2 while elaborating on the Shadow Lord’s role in the game. It then continues on to mention the Crystal Warriors.)

“The Shadow Lord — This monster was the evil behind the eruption of the Crystal War. The Shadow Lord gets his strength from the amplified powers of darkness, and is said to have been born from the energy of a crystal. However, the truth is known but to the hardiest of adventurers.”

“The Crystal Warriors — Heroes who are foretold to save the world from Darkness. However, the warriors who came forth from the shining crystals within Castle Zvahl’s Throne Room stood fast in opposition to heroic adventurers. Are they truly the Crystal Warriors of legend?”


Koichi Ogawa: The story progression flows similarly to how the original mission lines of the three nations have until now.


Koichi Ogawa: Basically, anyone can lend a hand to other players, and once you purchase the add-on you can participate in the content and earn rewards. As for the rewards themselves, we’ve planned something different from anything you’ve seen before in FFXI, so I hope you’re looking forward to it.


Yoshitsugu Saito: We’ve designed a few pieces of equipment for the completion of this scenario. The situation will be a little different compared with end of Zilart or Promathia, where you would simply choose one reward from a small selection. This time we added a little twist to the system.


Yoshitsugu Saito: Elements of Rise of the Zilart will be utilized, but, I am sorry to say there will be no additional field areas.


Koichi Ogawa: As far as people receiving something extra for purchasing the game, there isn’t anything like that. However, you do have the chance to obtain any of the rewards within the add-on scenario, and you may play through it as many times as you wish to get as much treasure as possible.


原点回帰 - A Return to One’s Roots
(This flashes beside Masato Kato as he opens this final comment section of the interview.)

Masato Kato: I’ve personally always wanted to bring a satisfying conclusion to the tale that began in the opening movie. I hope to deliver this to all players, so please be sure to watch the movie just one more time, and continue the tale through the upcoming add-on scenario, so you can enjoy it to its fullest.

Yoshitsugu Saito: We’ve entrusted Matrix Software to put together a number of cut scenes, including the opening movie. They worked incredibly hard to complete some difficult scenes, such as one that takes place in the hustle and bustle of Jeuno, with many characters onscreen at once. I hope players are thrilled by each and every cut scene we have developed for A Crystalline Prophecy, and long-time denizens of Vana’diel can look forward to some familiar and nostalgic events.

Koichi Ogawa: With this scenario, we’re looking to take Final Fantasy XI, as a game, back to its roots. We want the experience to feel as if you were there when the game first began. We are currently preparing the second and third add-on scenarios to be released after A Crystalline Prophecy, and we sincerely hope you enjoy those as well.

Hiromichi Tanaka: We were looking to develop lighter content than usual this time around, but the developers truly came together and gave 110% towards producing this add-on scenario. It’s something you really have to experience first-hand. Now that it has finally reached completion, we are thrilled to be releasing it to the players, and hope you all thoroughly enjoy it.

石の見る夢 - A Crystalline Prophecy

ヴァナディール最終頌 魂の返歌 - Ode of Life Bestowing

Now, the mystery of the crystal shall be revealed…
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[Interview FFXI] Résumé des interviews.
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